Definition of Northern blot in English:

Northern blot


  • An adaptation of the Southern blot procedure used to detect specific sequences of RNA by hybridization with complementary DNA.

    ‘We and others have previously shown that CHO cells do not express detectable amounts of endogenous RyRs when assayed by Western blots, Northern blots, or ryanodine binding.’
    • ‘Standard techniques were used for DNA cloning, restriction enzyme digestion, Southern and Northern blot analysis, and DNA sequencing.’
    • ‘Southern and Northern blots contained nucleic acids from 10 million P. carinii per lane.’
    • ‘Equal RNA loading was monitored on the agarose gel under UV light or by hybridizing the Northern blot with a radiolabelled 28 S ribosomal RNA cDNA fragment isolated from Nicotiana tabacum cv.’
    • ‘In this case a major band was detected on Northern blots using either a P-derived probe or a cDNA probe, which corresponds to misexpression of the major unspliced RNA.’


Northern blot

/ˈnôrT͟Hərn blät/ /ˈnɔrðərn blɑt/