Definition of Nynorsk in English:



  • A literary form of Norwegian, based on country dialects and constructed in the 19th century to serve as a national language more clearly distinct from Danish than Bokmål.

    See Norwegian (sense 2 of the noun)

    ‘Nynorsk, a Norwegian language will soon pass muster, but the six million-plus speakers of Catalan, have still to make the grade.’
    • ‘A product of the national romantic movement, Nynorsk, or ‘New Norwegian,’ was constructed in the nineteenth century from peasant dialects to create a genuinely Norwegian written language.’
    • ‘In the larger European context, the situation of Scots resembles that of Frisian in the Netherlands, Nynorsk in Norwegian, Occitan in relation to French in France, and Catalan in relation to Spanish in Spain.’
    • ‘The Norwegian attempt to legitimize Nynorsk resulted in its acceptance as one of two official standards, making Norway the only European nation with such a linguistic state of affairs.’
    • ‘In the west and elsewhere in rural areas, Nynorsk tends to predominate.’



/ˈno͞oˌnôrsk/ /ˈnuˌnɔrsk/


Norwegian, from ny ‘new’ + Norsk ‘Norwegian’.