Definition of O-ring in English:



  • A gasket in the form of a ring with a circular cross section, typically made of pliable material, used to seal connections in pipes, tubes, etc.

    ‘I came across far too many dodgy cylinder O-rings in the short time we were there.’
    • ‘In lieu of an O-ring of gasket, the part to be sealed is assembled prior to the injection of the material.’
    • ‘The commission concluded that the disaster was caused by the failure of a rubber O-ring in a joint in one of the SRBs.’
    • ‘Carbon filled rubber O-rings and gaskets are widely used in contact with stainless steels in seawater.’
    • ‘Watertight silicon O-rings and compression latches keep contents dry at depths of up to 100 feet.’
    • ‘They are sealed with an O-ring and include a pressure-equalizer valve.’
    • ‘It would be fairly dumb to have all that fuel on board and not be able to get at it, so I place special emphasis on the check valve O-rings in the selector.’
    • ‘Postflight inspection revealed the O-ring on the main-fuel-line coupling to the fuel control had failed.’
    • ‘It includes a propeller, a hook joint, a drive shaft, O-rings, a stator, and a bidirectional acid powered motor.’
    • ‘The block is modified to accept stainless steel O-rings and a copper head gasket, which are better able to stand up to internal pressure.’
    • ‘You talk about A-clamps on first stages, and if you knock one of these, you will dislodge the O-ring and have a massive flow from the cylinder.’
    • ‘The commission's report, issued two months later, traced the cause to the rubber O-rings used to seal the joints in the shuttle's solid rocket boosters.’
    • ‘While most housings use a rubber O-ring to seal out water, EPIC uses a boot, or rubberized end cap, which is basically equivalent to four O-rings.’
    • ‘Second, the spring and push rod assembly that propels the deadbolt into lockup is sealed by an O-ring housed in a piston-like chamber that prevents contamination.’
    • ‘By increasing the air pressure, you increase the pressure on the O-ring that seals the piston, which increases the amount of force needed to get the fork to start moving from a static position.’
    • ‘The frame comes moulded from PBTGF30 UL 94 VO material with an O-ring to seal to a mounting panel, mounting from the inside or outside of the panel.’
    • ‘You will normally see a very fine stream of bubbles if the seal is broken and you then need to get the cylinders to your local dive technician to remove the cylinder valve, check the neck and threads, replace the O-ring and refit the valve.’
    • ‘Free-flows, like broken cylinder O-rings, often occur when you have the maximum tank pressure, in which case you will have time - provided you know how to breathe from the air that is escaping.’
    • ‘However, if you are going somewhere where you cannot be certain about standards, take as much equipment as possible, plus spares such as O-rings, patches and seals for your wet- or drysuit and a regulator mouthpiece.’



/ˈōˌriNG/ /ˈoʊˌrɪŋ/