Definition of Oz in English:


Pronunciation /äz/ /ɑz/

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  • Australian.

    • ‘Oz hospitality’
    • ‘Do you have to be an Oz citizen to buy property?’
    • ‘She has an Oz passport, but if you spoke to her you'd think she came from Yorkshire, where she grew up.’


  • 1Australia.

    • ‘he spent the last few years in Oz’
    • ‘Like all the interviews in Oz (I think the radio is very good out here) we had a lot of fun.’
    • ‘Oh wow, out of my way, Rachael, I'm heading to Oz right this very second.’
    • ‘On the other hand, friends who went to live in Oz would tell me I should never visit.’
    • ‘I travelled to Oz 17 yrs ago with two other Americans.’
    • ‘He's just returned from Oz, where he spent the last 6 months heading up our branch in Perth.’
    • ‘General Motors Holden is celebrating 25 years of Commodore in Oz with the release of a special limited edition version of Australia's biggest selling car.’
    • ‘I'm not sure this particular blog will survive the return to Oz; it depends very much what I end up doing.’
    • ‘He's being hyped as the next superstar from Oz, following footsteps of Mel and Russell).’
    • ‘Oh, and it was good to get a letter from a friend in Oz today.’
    • ‘But now she is heading back to Oz and we met up for one last lunch to say our goodbyes.’
    • ‘And Warne has the added problem of a personal crisis to deal with, his wife reportedly on the plane back to Oz, their marriage on the rocks.’
    • ‘Indeed, our cobbers over in Oz even went so far recently as to pass some anti-spam legislation.’
    • ‘At first we seem to be in familiar terrain, both emotionally and geographically, since this story of a fractured marriage has been shifted from Oz to England.’
    • ‘There's a heap of photos to post that may serve as proof that I'm not in Oz.’
    1. 1.1A person from Australia.
      • ‘it was enough to make a red-blooded Oz choke on his meat pie’
      • ‘Unlike most places in the world, learn to sail packages from sailing schools are available in Oz all year round!’
      • ‘I just had an email from my cousin suggesting the rules for buying property in Oz might have changed.’
      • ‘Being an Oz at least means you are speaking from experience.’


Early 20th century (as Oss): representing a pronunciation of an abbreviation of Australia.