Definition of Pacinian corpuscle in English:

Pacinian corpuscle


  • An encapsulated ending of a sensory nerve that acts as a receptor for pressure and vibration.

    ‘Hair follicles and smooth muscle (arrector pili), sweat and sebaceous glands, and Pacinian corpuscles are located in the reticular layer.’
    • ‘The feet of elephants are more than mere clumping cylinders; their interiors are filled with vibration sensors known as Pacinian corpuscles, which have a structure similar to an onion, with a slimy gel between each layer.’
    • ‘Snakes have simple nerve endings for vibration perception and Herbst corpuscles in birds and Pacinian corpuscles in Eutherian mammals allow for perception of vibrations.’
    • ‘Lamellated corpuscles, similar to Pacinian corpuscles, ‘have been found in the legs of kangaroos and are thought to detect ground - borne vibrations.’’
    • ‘Preliminary results reveal a high density of Pacinian corpuscles in the front of the foot and along the edges - a finding consistent with the notion that elephants are sensing seismic signals when they press their feet on the ground.’


Pacinian corpuscle

/pəˌsinēən ˈkôrpəs(ə)l/ /pəˌsɪniən ˈkɔrpəs(ə)l/


Late 19th century named after Filippo Pacini (1812–83), Italian anatomist.