Definition of Parousia in English:



Christian Theology
another term for Second Coming
‘By the way, the perception of a ‘delay’ of the Parousia is also a nineteenth-century German theological category.’
  • ‘According to the author's thesis, Mark understood these occurrences to be the apocalyptic sign triggering the events of the end-time described in the verses that lead up to the Parousia.’
  • ‘She makes a rather large assumption that all of earliest Christianity would have been just as apocalyptic in its outlook as the Apostle Paul, and that it suffered mightily from a delay of the Parousia.’
  • ‘This side of the Parousia, we remain the best hope for mankind.’
  • ‘Whatever the season of the Church Year, we, in fact, live in the time between Pentecost and the Parousia.’



/pəˈro͞ozēə/ /pəˈruziə/


Greek, literally ‘being present’.