Definition of Photoshop in English:


transitive verbtransitive verb Photoshops, transitive verb Photoshopping, transitive verb Photoshopped

[with object]
  • Alter (a photographic image) digitally using Photoshop image-editing software.

    ‘the pictures have obviously been Photoshopped’
    • ‘But I did put in some efforts to photoshop it, so although I failed miserably, I shall still post it up.’
    • ‘Garth encouraged me to photoshop them so he was a disembodied head to ‘make it more interesting’.’
    • ‘Would you rather I post up photos and do not admit that I photoshop them?’
    • ‘Propose a daft scheme where I photoshop him into a camera-phone shot with her.’
    • ‘Interweb hipsters used this as a jumping-off point and photoshopped a series of images depicting the search for the lost Hopkin Green Frog, and the results are incredibly funny and even a little touching.’
    • ‘You can buy the ceramic flowers, but the artist (Simone Van Bakel) admits the implantation is only a concept, and the images are photoshopped.’
    • ‘I promised the pictures that Robb photoshopped.’
    • ‘So we were talking because I had promised to photoshop some pictures I took at a party in July.’
    • ‘If I weren't so suspicious of photoshopped images, I'd probably be a little more excited here.’
    • ‘This picture was photoshopped by the guys at Nine and that is actually Mrs Mangle's mouth pasted on my hero's face.’
    • ‘Then suppose that within 12 hours it was established definitively that the pictures had been photoshopped.’
    • ‘I'm pretty certain that this picture is photoshopped - the hands look a bit funny.’
    • ‘This original image of a congressman touting freedom fries was photoshopped to convey something I hadn't heard before.’
    • ‘The pictures are genuine and NOT photoshopped.’
    • ‘To be fair, this picture may or may not be photoshopped.’
    • ‘OxBlog's own original research showed that Amy photoshopped the names on to the pictures.’
    • ‘They're the ones who released the photoshopped images that showed only the backgrounds of the photos in hopes that people could identify where they were taken (it worked).’
    • ‘I've attached a photoshopped image of my dress concept.’
    • ‘Lauren points out that this isn't a photoshopped image, it's an actual product: notice the NASCAR motif on the box.’



/ˈfōdōˌSHäp/ /ˈfoʊdoʊˌʃɑp/


1990s from Photoshop, the proprietary name of a software package for the digital editing of photographic images.