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Red Indian

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dated, offensive
  • A North American Indian.

    • ‘It is supposed to be about the contribution Red Indians made during the conflict in the Pacific.’
    • ‘Red Indian outfits are best worn by Red Indians.’
    • ‘The American Red Indians have venerated water sites with ritual solemnity.’
    • ‘To Red Indians, a totem-pole was the sacred representation of God.’
    • ‘Progressively, words like Indian, Red Indian, aboriginal, indigenous, and Amerindian attempted to place a whole range of separate nationalities into one condensed grouping.’
    • ‘I chose the Red Indians because I stayed with an Indian in Canada when I was 18.’
    • ‘The First Peoples of the Americas, the so-called Red Indians, culturally were of an entirely different view of the world to that of the British and Europeans with whom they clashed.’
    • ‘His work is largely responsible for the archetypes of ranchers, rustlers, and Red Indians immortalized by Hollywood.’
    • ‘The youngsters create their own costumes on the selected theme which can range from Peter Pan to fairies, Red Indians and football.’
    • ‘Cowboys and Red Indians took over the frontier town of Baildon.’
    • ‘That's when I remembered the Red Indians and their Spirit of the Flame.’
    • ‘My thoughts were broken by a frenzy of movement and what sounded like the war cry of the Red Indians.’
    • ‘The Canadian forces had a big presence locally and one of the Canadians was what was then called a Red Indian.’
    • ‘I assume that Sam is a Red Indian, though it has, to the best of my knowledge, never been confirmed.’
    • ‘My grandfather, I tell her, used to dress as a Red Indian and dive into a tank of water in a circus.’


Red Indian

/ˈˌred ˈindēən/ /ˈˌrɛd ˈɪndiən/