Definition of Restoration comedy in English:

Restoration comedy


  • A style of drama that flourished in London after the Restoration in 1660, typically having a complicated plot marked by wit, cynicism, and licentiousness.

    ‘His influence on English Restoration comedy exceeded that of Jonson: dramatists like D' Avenant, Dryden, Wycherley, Vanbrugh, and Shadwell quarried his plays for characters and situations.’
    • ‘With Charles II came the re-opening of theatres, Restoration comedy, the Plague, the fire of London, and the building of St Paul's Cathedral.’
    • ‘She quickly built a reputation in London as an original and versatile actress with a special affinity for Restoration comedy.’
    • ‘Set in the Sydney Cove penal colony in 1789, the premise sees a young lieutenant direct rehearsals of the Restoration comedy The Recruiting Officer.’
    • ‘There were 18th Century novels like Moll Flanders, Pamela and Clarissa, while Restoration comedies such as Way of the World and Marriage a la Mode satirised the calculated approach to finding a ‘good’ husband.’


Restoration comedy

/ˌrestəˈrāSHən ˈkämədē/ /ˌrɛstəˈreɪʃən ˈkɑmədi/ /restərāSHnˈkɒmədē/ /restəreɪʃnˈkɒmədi/