Definition of Romish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrōmiSH/ /ˈroʊmɪʃ/


  • Roman Catholic.

    • ‘Romish ideas’
    • ‘That Romish, Popeish man of sin The one you loathed so long You gather at his bidding And sing his birthday song.’
    • ‘It gained new life in America, particularly among the New England Puritans determined to build a church ‘purged of Romish corruptions.’’
    • ‘Nor do non-church-goers appear to have been actively hostile to religion except when it took on a Romish or ritualistic form and became linked with the abrasive relations between Irish immigrants and the host community.’
    • ‘Thus, the New Jersey Methodist Conference of 1870 lashed out with their deepest feelings against this Romish obstructionism.’