Definition of SAHM in English:



  • A woman who is engaged in the full-time care of her child or children and does not go out to work.

    ‘I'm a SAHM with two young kids’
    • ‘My sister (unmarried and pregnant at 20) is married to a wonderful man, now has two children, an undergraduate degree and is a very involved SAHM.’
    • ‘Do a career layout (if you are a SAHM or Grandma, that is a career!)’
    • ‘I have met SAHMs via baby swimming, baby gymclass, the toy library, playgrounds, my own gym, etc.’
    • ‘My own mother was a SAHM and I love her for it.’
    • ‘I am a SAHM by choice and proud!’


1990s abbreviation of stay-at-home mom or stay-at-home mother.