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proper noun

  • 1Astronomy
    The sixth planet from the sun in the solar system, circled by a system of broad flat rings.

    Saturn orbits between Jupiter and Uranus at an average distance of 887 million miles (1,427 million km) from the sun. It is a gas giant with an equatorial diameter of 74,600 miles (120,000 km), with a conspicuous ring system extending out to a distance twice as great.The planet has a dense, hydrogen-rich atmosphere similar to that of Jupiter but with less distinct banding. There are at least eighteen satellites, the largest of which is Titan, and including small shepherd satellites that orbit close to two of the rings

  • 2Roman Mythology
    An ancient god, regarded as a god of agriculture.

    Greek equivalent Cronus

  • 3A series of US space rockets, of which the very large Saturn V was used as the launch vehicle for the Apollo missions of 1968–72.



/ˈsadərn/ /ˈsædərn/