Definition of Sejm in English:


(also Seym)

Pronunciation /sām/ /seɪm/

proper noun

  • The lower house of parliament in Poland. (The upper house is known as the Senate.).

    ‘Minister Walsh also met with the Agriculture and EU Affairs Committees of the Sejm (Polish Parliament).’
    • ‘Once exercised, the veto not only stopped the offending law, but also broke the Sejm, invalidating the entire legislative programme.’
    • ‘The British Parliament had no direct equivalent elsewhere, although the Polish Sejm and Hungarian Diet did possess points in common.’
    • ‘The Sejm possessed full legislative powers, and the crown could issue laws only with its consent.’
    • ‘In 1991 Poland's first fully democratic elections saw twenty-four parties gain seats in the Sejm (parliament) and further fragmented the Solidarity camp.’