Definition of Seven Wonders of the World in English:

Seven Wonders of the World

proper noun

  • The seven most spectacular man-made structures of the ancient world.

Traditionally they comprise (1) the pyramids of Egypt, especially those at Giza; (2) the Hanging Gardens of Babylon; (3) the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus; (4) the temple of Artemis at Ephesus in Asia Minor; (5) the Colossus of Rhodes; (6) the huge ivory and gold statue of Zeus at Olympia in Peloponnesus, made by Phidias c.430 BC; (7) the Pharos of Alexandria (or in some lists, the walls of Babylon)


Seven Wonders of the World

/ˈsevən ˈwəndərz əv/ /ˈsɛvən ˈwəndərz əv/ /ə T͟Hē/ /ə ði/ /T͟H(ə)/ /ð(ə)/ /T͟Hē wərld/ /ði wərld/