Definition of Southern blot in English:

Southern blot


  • A procedure for identifying specific sequences of DNA, in which fragments separated on a gel are transferred directly to a second medium on which detection by hybridization may be carried out.

    ‘Standard techniques were used for DNA cloning, restriction enzyme digestion, Southern blot analysis, and DNA sequencing.’
    • ‘The assay is similar to the Southern blot except that restriction enzyme digestion and denaturation of the mRNA are not needed.’
    • ‘In Southern blots, DNA is cut with restriction enzymes then separated.’
    • ‘Standard molecular biological procedures, such as Southern blots, were performed as described.’
    • ‘Columns of horizontal ovals and rectangles indicate lack of hybridization on the Southern blots.’


Southern blot

/ˌsəT͟Hən ˈblät/ /ˌsəðən ˈblɑt/


1970s named after Edwin M. Southern (born 1938), British biochemist.