Definition of Stark effect in English:

Stark effect


  • The splitting of a spectrum line into several components by the application of an electric field.

    ‘A very similar effect is the Stark effect in which the atom is placed inside a strong electric field.’
    • ‘Because these shifts are due to the electric field imposed by the protein and solvent, they may be termed an internal Stark effect, by analogy to the familiar shifting of energy levels via an applied field.’
    • ‘In this regime, the nonlinear response is augmented by the optical Stark effect, a nonlinearity that is fast because it does not involve the generation of real carriers.’
    • ‘The observed resonance Stark effect was assigned to mixing of the excited state of B A with B + A H - A CT states.’


Stark effect

/ˈstärk əˌfekt/ /ˈstɑrk əˌfɛkt/


Early 20th century named after Johannes Stark (1874–1957), German physicist.