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Super Bowl

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  • The National Football League championship game, played annually between the champions of the National and the American Football Conferences.

    ‘A 1966 NFL rule prohibits the league from awarding outdoor Super Bowls to cities where the mean temperature at game time is below 50 degrees.’
    • ‘At the time, the league had only 14 teams, and it would be seven years until the championship was dubbed the Super Bowl.’
    • ‘Two out of every five working Americans watch the Super Bowl each year.’
    • ‘The movie award ceremony is the second most viewed show of the year on American television and is seen as the Super Bowl for women.’
    • ‘Would you want the Super Bowl to be the first football game you ever really played in?’
    • ‘That's how it was done at the Super Bowl and at the Olympic games, and how it is presently being done in airports and public places all over the world.’
    • ‘I have always been keenly aware of the void between the Super Bowl and the start of Major League baseball.’
    • ‘The product tastes the same the week before the Super Bowl as it does the week after the Super Bowl.’
    • ‘At season's end, one of the most frequently asked questions is what the spreads and results were of all previous Super Bowls.’
    • ‘Only one event, the Super Bowl, has a chance to do that now.’
    • ‘Twenty years after the Super Bowl first became as big a day for advertisers as it is for gridiron fans, Madison Avenue is gearing up for its annual midwinter adfest.’
    • ‘He expects that the Super Bowl efforts will generate tangible results three to five years after the 2005 game is played.’
    • ‘Promoters want at least preliminary plans in place for the February Super Bowl so they can market it to visiting corporate leaders.’
    • ‘The average Super Bowl attendee spends four nights in a hotel.’
    • ‘If we allow cameras, which are ineffective but pervasive, at the Super Bowl, wouldn't they spread to city centers?’
    • ‘It was used at the Super Bowl in 1998 and '99 and may well show up at this January's game in Tampa Bay as well.’
    • ‘The 2005 Super Bowl can change the city's reputation among some observers.’
    • ‘And there's another - the potential for a second Super Bowl, maybe within the decade.’
    • ‘Because football is all about great defense and this should prove to be one of the great defensive battles in the history of the Super Bowl.’
    • ‘The company's outrageous ads - including its Super Bowl spots - got lots of attention.’


Super Bowl

/ˈso͞opər ˌbōl/ /ˈsupər ˌboʊl/