Definition of T-zone in English:



  • The central part of a person's face, including the forehead, nose, and chin, especially as having oilier skin than the rest of the face.

    ‘there's a strong possibility of a shiny T-zone on a warm day’
    • ‘Women with combination skin develop the tell-tale shiny T-zone along the forehead, nose and chin - where the sebaceous glands are more numerous.’
    • ‘Skin that is oily in the T-zone (the forehead, chin and the area surrounding the nose), signals a combination skin of normal to oily, the most common skin type.’
    • ‘Before doing anything else, she dabs Halle's T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) with loose powder, using a large powder puff to pick up excess moisture.’
    • ‘I don't want to wear anything too oily or pore-clogging because I have oily skin in the T-zone area (shiny by midday), and break out occasionally.’
    • ‘This is usually characterized by a glossy look, especially in the T-zone (the areas around the forehead, nose and chin.)’
    • ‘Girls, especially, can suffer from combination skin, where the T-zone is oily but cheeks are dry.’
    • ‘We were the ones who looked terrified and a little too shiny in the T-zone, but I didn't mind.’
    • ‘Rinse after 10 minutes, then apply a skin refining mask to the T-zone.’
    • ‘But the T-zone Oil Control feels smooth when I put it on, and it's 100-percent fragrance-free.’
    • ‘They look painful, but they don't seem to bother her as much as they bother me, because I keep wanting to do something helpful, like slapping a Biore Pore Strip on her T-zone.’
    • ‘To cover spots, match concealer to skin tone, dot on a small amount at a time and set with translucent powder to even out pores and minimise shine on the T-zone.’
    • ‘In an oily skin type, the oil is visible right through the make-up, especially in the T-zone.’
    • ‘Here's a great trick for people with oily skin: After you wash your face, apply a thin layer of egg white to your T-zone (or your whole face if you're oily all over) before your moisturizer.’
    • ‘‘Iman avoids a heavy foundation, and if she wears powder, it's on the T-zone only,’ he continues.’
    • ‘‘If you're only oily in the T-zone, try using a mattifying lotion under your makeup in the oily areas,’ suggests Michael.’
    • ‘To finish the look, White moisturized Michael's lips with Neutrogena Lip Balm and removed shine from his T-zone with Lancome T Control.’
    • ‘Blackheads are noninflammatory (meaning they don't have the infection and redness that accompanies a pimple) and are usually concentrated in the oily T-zone area, especially on and around the nose.’
    • ‘I also tend to get oily throughout the day in the T-zone area.’
    • ‘I started using the mask on my tzone every second day.’
    • ‘I have some redness in my t-zone and 2 blemish scars that it barely covered.’



/ˈtēzōn/ /ˈtizoʊn/


Tdesignating the shape of the area defined.