Definition of Thomson's gazelle in English:

Thomson's gazelle


  • A light brown gazelle with a conspicuous dark band along the flanks, living in large herds on the open plains of East Africa.

    Gazella thomsonii, family Bovidae

    ‘But when the rains arrived, fresh carpets of zebra, wildebeest and Thomson's gazelles rolled out from the distant hills, transforming the treeless steppes.’
    • ‘In eastern Africa, they mostly hunt Thomson's gazelles, but they will also attack calves, warthogs, zebras, impalas, and the young of large antelopes such as the gnu.’
    • ‘When the Migration is in the Serengeti, from November to June, there are an estimated 1.5 million wildebeest, 350,000 Thomson's gazelle and 200,000 common zebra.’
    • ‘There may be age-related differences in how risky behaviors are; for example, young Thomson's gazelles take a higher risk when inspecting predators than do adults.’
    • ‘Furthermore, both zebra and Thomson's gazelle are locally abundant and neither show greater synchrony than predicted by their food supply.’


Late 19th century named after Joseph Thomson (1858–94), Scottish explorer.