Definition of Trojan asteroid in English:

Trojan asteroid


  • An asteroid belonging to one of two groups which orbit the sun at the same distance as Jupiter, at the Lagrangian points roughly 60 degrees ahead of it and behind it.

    ‘There are two groups of Trojan asteroids, both sharing Jupiter's orbit.’
    • ‘A so-called Trojan asteroid, which forms a triangle with Jupiter and the sun, moves according to such a scheme.’
    • ‘These are the Trojan asteroids, each one locked in its solar orbit by the gravity of Jupiter and the Sun.’
    • ‘Obviously you'll know the names of the planets, and you probably know where the Kuiper Belt is, and where the Trojan asteroids are.’
    • ‘These trapped bodies are known as the Trojan asteroids.’


Trojan asteroid

/ˈtrōjən ˈastəˌroid/ /ˈtroʊdʒən ˈæstəˌrɔɪd/


Early 20th century so named because the first asteroids discovered were named after heroes of the Trojan War.