Definition of Turner's syndrome in English:

Turner's syndrome


  • A condition affecting women having only one X chromosome, characterized by distinctive physical characteristics including short stature and webbed neck, and by failure of normal development of the ovaries, uterus, and breasts.

    ‘The commonest genetic abnormality is Turner's syndrome.’
    • ‘Because of my personal experience I feel strongly that if patients are diagnosed as having Turner's syndrome or indeed any genetic condition, they should be referred for genetic counselling.’
    • ‘Infants with chest abnormalities may need to be evaluated for Poland's syndrome or Turner's syndrome.’
    • ‘According to the Claimants, she suffers from asthma, Turner's syndrome and depression.’
    • ‘A girl with Turner's syndrome who is a bit short but otherwise appears normal may have a different life experience from one who is teased relentlessly for her appearance and takes the social stigmatisation to represent her self worth.’


Named after Henry Hubert Turner (1892–1970), the American physician who described it.