Definition of Typhoid Mary in English:

Typhoid Mary

Pronunciation /taɪfɔɪdˈmeəri/

nounplural noun Typhoid Marys

  • A transmitter of undesirable opinions, sentiments, or attitudes.

    • ‘I began to feel like the Typhoid Mary of the literary world’
    • ‘He takes the idea a step further with a fascinating theory about the personalities who transmit those viruses - the Typhoid Marys of social epidemics.’
    • ‘Stories like that should embolden smart users so that, instead of accepting their co-workers’ incompetence, they will feel free to mock and ridicule these Typhoid Marys of the computer world.’
    • ‘I think Typhoid Marys would be people who push someone to see a show by railing about how dirty/immoral/ungodly it is.’


The nickname of Mary Mallon (died 1938), an Irish-born cook who transmitted typhoid fever in the US.