Definition of Uzi in English:



  • A type of submachine gun of Israeli design.

    ‘both of them were armed, one with what appeared to be an Uzi’
    • ‘he opened fire with a Uzi sub-machine gun’
    • ‘One type of gun nut has become all too familiar: the folks who claim the right to own and operate automatic rifles, Uzis, Thompson submachine guns - anything with firepower, no matter how overstated.’
    • ‘Though Uzis can shoot 700 rounds a minute, the reactivated Uzis could not be fired automatically but could still be fired.’
    • ‘The ban on such weapons as Uzis and AK - 47s will expire at midnight next Monday unless Congress votes to renew it.’
    • ‘They hike, learn hand-to-hand combat, undergo missions and use weapons such as Uzis and M16s.’
    • ‘All travelled the whole time in army camouflage, and all three carried Uzis, even on the public buses and into the youth hostels at the day's end.’



/ˈo͞ozē/ /ˈuzi/


1950s from Uziel Gal (1923–2002), the Israeli army officer who designed it.