Definition of Virginia bluebell in English:

Virginia bluebell


  • A North American woodland plant of the borage family, bearing nodding, trumpet-shaped blue flowers.

    Also called Virginia cowslip

    Mertensia virginica, family Boraginaceae

    ‘You can fill in between the plants with daffodils, Virginia bluebells, or annuals.’
    • ‘As the foliage of Virginia bluebells goes dormant in summer it will be covered by the hosta or fern leaves.’
    • ‘You may even have the earliest-blooming flowers such as the Virginia bluebell bloom before the shrubs are in leaf.’
    • ‘Spring ephemerals like Virginia bluebells are designed to come up and bloom early before the shade from deciduous trees gets too heavy.’
    • ‘We noticed a delicate fragrance on the breeze and looked down a steep slope toward the stream bottom and a sea of celestial blue Virginia bluebells.’


Virginia bluebell

/vərˈjinyə ˈblo͞oˌbel/ /vərˈdʒɪnjə ˈbluˌbɛl/