Definition of WAV file in English:

WAV file


(also wave file)
  • A format for storing uncompressed audio files.

    ‘save the recording as a WAV file on your hard drive’
    • ‘Having music along with your video can also be accomplished with a MP3 Converter that will allow you to convert your MP3 music into a wav file or the format which you need for your video.’
    • ‘Using the drive to record and convert several old vinyl albums into .wav files proved quite simple.’
    • ‘But then I tried making mp3s from the wav files, and THEN burning them to disc as audio, and this cut out a huge amount of the distortion.’
    • ‘I don't think the embedded MIDI and wav files will win over too many government officials.’
    • ‘What if I told it put the temporary wav files on the external drive?’


WAV file

/ˈwav ˌfīl/ /ˈwæv ˌfaɪl/


1990s shortened from waveform audio format.