Definition of Wissenschaft in English:



  • The systematic pursuit of knowledge, learning, and scholarship (especially as contrasted with its application).

    ‘In its place Berlin stressed two quite different but interrelated enterprises: orderly, disciplined critical research, or Wissenschaft, and professional education.’
    • ‘As a biblical scholar, I found that Morgan's treatments of the wisdom tradition moved mostly at the meta-critical level - largely dependent on Wissenschaft and its questions and assumptions about wisdom, literature and the sages.’
    • ‘One outcome of these discoveries was the breakup of the old hierarchy of the disciplines, which had been based on judgments about the degree to which a discipline exhibited the logic of well-formed Wissenschaft.’
    • ‘Might the thought be the Weberian idea that Wissenschaft must now follow its own internal dynamics, so that any influence from the side of religion is now intellectually irresponsible?’



/ˈvisənˌSHäft/ /ˈvɪsənˌʃɑft/


German, literally ‘knowledge’.