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  • A real or imaginary list of the most celebrated or sought-after individuals, especially in show business.

    as modifier ‘an A-list celebrity’
    • ‘Because why on earth would the A-list be an imaginary list?’
    • ‘As the movie moves into its second hour, and stresses the pathetic existence of the B-list celebrity, it grows glum and loses much of the sly wit that made it so enjoyable in the first half.’
    • ‘Now, it is Amanda who can command the big paychecks, and her husband who has been consigned as a B-list star to reality TV.’
    • ‘You will notice that while I'm happy to dish the relatively uninteresting dirt about an A / B-list celebrity, I have crossed out his National Insurance number.’
    • ‘She may be a B-list celebrity in Hollywood but on a tennis court, the former world No.1 is an under-prepared accident waiting to happen.’
    • ‘Would Stiles be able to handle the same A-list celebrity he now has?’
    • ‘The play centres around Charlie, a modern media phenomenon, an A-list celebrity.’
    • ‘She is quite unique as an A-list celebrity without too many skeletons in her closet.’
    • ‘Dowd has since gone the way of a B-list celebrity, though at these events he's treated to complimentary cocktails and idle hero worship.’
    • ‘He has his own butler and the quirky dietary habits of a B-list celebrity, consuming two bananas a day at precisely observed intervals.’
    • ‘I'd managed to get an A-list celebrity angry enough with me to take a pot shot at me.’
    • ‘A total of 12 selections have come from the A-list, but 10 associations have bypassed the list.’
    • ‘No, because if truth be told, the speakers were a B-list of political has-beens and celebrities, and their speeches were pretty dreadful.’
    • ‘A D-list celebrity carries far more clout than an A-list dignitary.’
    • ‘He managed to transform himself from a B-grade actor to an A-list leading man in only one year.’
    • ‘So I hit the nearest B-list attraction to my hotel, the Castel San Angelo, once the Vatican fortress in times of trouble.’
    • ‘Let's say you are an A-lister, closer to the B-list border.’
    • ‘They've exhausted the B-list of starlets, and have long ago moved onto the C-, D-, E- and F-lists.’
    • ‘If I want to ruin the reputation of a B-list celeb I could do so within a couple of days, and their PR agency would be none the wiser until the stories started appearing.’
    • ‘It's a fairly honest look at the life of a B-list touring band.’
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/ˈāˌlist/ /ˈeɪˌlɪst/