Definition of a better mousetrap in English:

a better mousetrap


  • An improved version of a well-known item.

    ‘the people with the better mousetrap will do well’
    • ‘Whether or not one has built a better mousetrap means little if the new improved model cannot be tested.’
    • ‘During the wild times of the late 90s, they were hailed as a modern manifestation of the American Dream: Build a better mousetrap and the world will make you a market millionaire as soon as your company goes public.’
    • ‘If someone feels that he can build a better mousetrap than his employer wants to make, he can find a way to make it, market it, and perhaps put his former boss out of business.’
    • ‘Who says building a better mousetrap isn't fun?’
    • ‘Besides their ability to build better mousetraps, many of these CEOs will drive the growth of their enterprises through the application of sheer will.’
    • ‘Management must create bigger and better mousetraps with fewer hands.’
    • ‘And, despite the best efforts of engineers around the globe to come up with a better mousetrap, the humble battery will be around for a while - it's a very mature technology with more than 100 years of successful application.’
    • ‘What we're saying is that we can deliver more performance and meet the price threshold by coming up with a better mousetrap.’
    • ‘Instead of just turning a new idea or technology into a better mousetrap, they suggest ways to transform it into a product that completely changes the game, capturing brand-new customers and thus producing much higher growth.’
    • ‘‘If you create a really well-differentiated product that everyone loves, if you deliver a better mousetrap, the customers build the brand for you,’ he said.’
    • ‘‘It's about building a better mousetrap,’ Cameron says.’
    • ‘Six months ago when we were saying we won't sell direct, we'll work with our dealers and figure out a better mousetrap, a lot of people were saying we're crazy.’
    • ‘The old adage, ‘Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door,’ may be more optimistic than realistic.’


    From ‘If a man … make a better mouse-trap than his neighbour … the world will make a beaten path to his door’, attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson.