Definition of a buyer's market in English:

a buyer's market


  • An economic situation in which goods or shares are plentiful and buyers can keep prices down.

    • ‘For now, of course, the relentless tech downturn means a buyer's market.’
    • ‘The majority of roles tend to be at the more senior end, but it is very much a buyers' market.’
    • ‘And if you're on the prowl for an acquisition, it's a buyers' market.’
    • ‘Its pace of expansion is very rapid indeed, but up to a point it is purchasing in a buyers' market, simply because the big brands are so anxious to sell.’
    • ‘The buyer's market for auditors - in which accounting firms cross-sold consulting services and pandered to clients - has been transformed into a seller's market.’
    • ‘In Europe, all the leading carriers have announced dramatic cost-cutting exercises, making it a buyer's market for airlines seeking new aircraft.’
    • ‘‘Don't wait for prices to drop, but do remember that it's starting to become a buyer's market again,’ he said.’
    • ‘The employment situation for journalists was very much a buyer's market, and power inside the newsrooms rested unambiguously with top management.’
    • ‘It's a buyer's market and the days of selling off the plans are gone.’
    • ‘A pick-up in London will be good news for sellers, as it has been a buyer's market in the capital for the past few years.’