Definition of a chink in someone's armor in English:

a chink in someone's armor


  • A weak point in someone's character, arguments, or ideas, making them vulnerable to attack or criticism.

    ‘there was a chink in the armor of his benevolence and it was well worth trying to exploit it’
    • ‘‘England don't have too many weak points,’ he replies when asked where a chink in their armour might be found.’
    • ‘Before that tournament you were bulletproof, but suddenly there was a chink in your armour.’
    • ‘My booking agent and dear friend said to me recently, ‘You realize that everybody is looking for a chink in your armor.’’
    • ‘Yet somehow one feels compelled to go through the motions in the vain hope that someone will suddenly show a chink in their armour, knowing that even if they did you could not write it without endangering them.’
    • ‘But they have a chink in their armour, their bench is said not to be the strongest, and they don't have the quality players they need to reinvigorate their side.’
    • ‘While it has been stated that it would take something as strong as kryptonite to create a chink in Wark 's armour, close friends said she would have been stung by such criticism.’
    • ‘They will also be looking for a chink in Harrison 's armour, a barely-noticeable weakness that they can use to destroy him when the time comes.’
    • ‘If there is a chink in Hatton 's armour, it may be this punch.’
    • ‘You look for a chink in Schumacher 's armour, and you just can't find one.’
    • ‘And will a ruthless TV journalist find a chink in his armour?’
    • ‘Can a glamorous, ruthless TV journalist manage to find a chink in his armour?’
    • ‘They probably just want to see a chink in your armour, so to speak.’
    • ‘They will pose the biggest challenge we have had at home this season and it is a case of trying to find a chink in their armour.’
    • ‘But everybody has a chink in their armour; his was found when asked to play on a Peter Green tribute album.’
    • ‘I don't want them to find out the hard way when the media has found a chink in their armor and taken advantage of it.’
    • ‘That image of him looking so alone put a chink in Tang 's armor.’
    • ‘Some starting lineups can put a chink in any knight 's armor; others can't even lift a sword.’
    • ‘He had my mother grill me that day about the kidnapping, looking for a chink in my armor.’
    • ‘A foolish move, I now could see a chink in its armour.’