Definition of a clean sweep in English:

a clean sweep

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  • 1The removal of all unwanted people or things in order to start afresh.

    ‘the new leaders wanted to make a clean sweep of the discredited old order’
    • ‘I have frequently condemned it and wished to make a clean sweep of it.’
    • ‘For a man with a broom wanting to make a clean sweep of city hall, one couldn't ask for a better place to start.’
    • ‘Back in the heady dotcom days, it seemed as though online polling was poised to make a clean sweep of market research - revolutionizing the way companies conducted quantitative and qualitative research.’
    • ‘You lot make a clean sweep of the area.’
    • ‘To get investors the best prices, it needs to make a clean sweep of barriers that impede trading.’
    • ‘Not exactly decisive behaviour from the people that are trying to make a clean sweep of things.’
    • ‘He made a clean sweep by removing all the interior walls and covering the outer walls and ceiling in white Venetian plaster.’
    • ‘The broom, for example, appears ready to make a clean sweep.’
    • ‘The 1977 Act did not, however, accomplish a clean sweep of common law conspiracy.’
    • ‘No Government has so far succeeded in making a clean sweep of maladies affecting our police.’
  • 2The winning of all of a group of similar or related competitions, events, or matches.

    ‘Annadale are almost certain of making a clean sweep of the male athletics competitions’
    • ‘he was in reach of the nomination after a clean sweep of Tuesday's primaries’
    • ‘Zambia squash aces dominated the recently-ended East Africa squash safari circuit, by making a clean sweep of all three titles on the Kenya tour.’
    • ‘It was Cooke's first appearance at the Sportcity venue since making a clean sweep of the national youth titles over seven years ago.’
    • ‘Thus he made a clean sweep of all the events he participated in.’
    • ‘The people of Listowel made a clean sweep at a prize-giving event which recognised their efforts to improve the town's appearance over the past few years.’
    • ‘Dundalk anglers made a clean sweep of the prizes in the Danes Cast Firshery's New Year's Day Competition.’
    • ‘Royal College tennis players made a clean sweep at the Inter-School tennis championships by winning all six titles on offer.’
    • ‘York and District Indoor Bowls Club enjoyed a clean sweep in the Yorkshire League, the Hebden Trophy and the North Eastern League.’
    • ‘The Triple Crown also came as part of Wales' victory package amid a clean sweep of honours in European rugby's blue riband event.’
    • ‘Burnley turned back the clock to record a clean sweep of victories for the first time since the beginning of the season.’
    • ‘England were dreaming of the Grand Slam today after completing the third leg of a potential Six Nations Championship clean sweep.’
    come first, finish first, be the winner, be victorious, be the victor, carry the day, win the day, carry all before one, defeat the opposition, overcome the opposition, take the crown, take the honours, gain the palm, come out ahead, come out on top, succeed, triumph, prevail, achieve mastery