Definition of a double-edged sword in English:

a double-edged sword

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  • A situation or course of action having both positive and negative effects.

    ‘reductions in taxation are a double-edged sword when used as a device to create jobs’
    • ‘But it is a double-edged sword because if our prices are too high we are not going to get any pupils.’
    • ‘However, this talent is a double-edged sword: his very empathy with the subject eases the transition to light entertainment.’
    • ‘However the boom will be a double-edged sword for first-time buyers and those with larger mortgages who are at the mercy of interest rates.’
    • ‘The very structure of the show becomes a double-edged sword.’
    • ‘This facility with language aids the youth in their academic and career prospects, but it is a double-edged sword.’
    • ‘Note the double-edged sword of technology; it's a very small step from a plant that extracts gold to one that extracts uranium.’
    • ‘So, as a short cut to happiness, drugs are double-edged swords.’
    • ‘The problem with public information is that it's the proverbial double-edged sword.’
    • ‘That's the double-edged sword of employee training.’
    • ‘I realised money was a sort of double-edged sword.’