Definition of a firm hand in English:

a firm hand

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  • Strict discipline or control.

    ‘children need a firm hand from day one’
    • ‘He certainly took a firm hand now, enforcing strict discipline and enjoining severe punishments for those who shirked their duties or who tried to go home again.’
    • ‘Generals always need to be controlled with a firm hand.’
    • ‘Therefore, the candidate must have a firm hand in controlling every single event that could be construed to help his campaign.’
    • ‘Still, a horse was a horse, and Seth had to control Storm with a firm hand.’
    • ‘You control your businesses with a firm hand that is neither cruel nor too soft.’
    • ‘Natural calamities were handled with competence, communal peace was ensured and law and order was maintained with a firm hand.’
    • ‘We must establish order with a firm hand, first, before disorder and chaos become the norm.’
    • ‘For these people, strict guidelines and a firm hand guide them in the right direction.’
    • ‘The cinematography is strong, the acting good, and the director has a firm hand on all aspects of this film.’
    • ‘He just needs more human contact and a firm hand and he would make a lovely pet for somebody.’