Definition of a gogo in English:

a gogo


informal postpositive
  • In abundance; galore.

    • ‘Gershwin a gogo—all the hits’
    • ‘Between the patented Bruce smirk to the dancing with jet fighters to the high kicking Asian babe it was cliche a gogo.’
    • ‘It was screaming logo-a-gogo galore. It was utterly tasteless, vulgar and 199% excessive.’
    • ‘This past weekend was fun. Lexington-a-gogo with Timbe and Damnyell.’
    • ‘Google's celebrating Gaston Julia, which means fractals agogo (well ok so I assumed they were meant to be fireworks when I first saw it).’
    • ‘Funny characters, great visuals, Robin Williams back on form, cameos agogo.’
    abundant, superabundant, plentiful, ample, profuse, full, extensive, considerable, substantial, generous, bumper, lavish, fulsome, liberal, bountiful, overflowing, abounding, teeming


a gogo

/ə ˈɡōˌɡō/ /ə ˈɡoʊˌɡoʊ/


1960s from French à gogo, from Old French gogue ‘fun’.