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a great deal

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(also a good deal)
  • 1A large amount.

    ‘I don't know a great deal about politics’
    • ‘Her outward appearance was no more than a child of sixteen, but she was, in reality, a good deal over five hundred.’
    • ‘I think in the aspect of being a person who has a great deal to overcome and a great amount of love to give.’
    • ‘The reason why we are in the middle of such a cold epoch has a great deal to do with the positioning of the land masses.’
    • ‘My family had the good sense to leave England three hundred years ago, but I still know a good deal about the sport.’
    • ‘Most biospheric carbon is already in the oceans anyway, and they can take a good deal more.’
    • ‘There was genuine appreciation for what is happening here and we now have a great deal to shout about.’
    • ‘Over the years, through a fair number of house deals, I've got to know a good deal about the process.’
    • ‘It says a great deal about a record when its most interesting aspect is the cover art.’
    • ‘We owe our elderly residents a great deal for seeing us through the war years.’
    • ‘We have achieved a great deal in the past two years, but we are not complacent.’
    • ‘Here, indubitably, is a fellow with a great deal to prove to a great many people.’
    • ‘He will need time to settle at his new club where it must be hoped he contributes a great deal more than he did at the one he has left.’
    • ‘It is a very significant cost, and represents a good deal more than the software alone.’
    • ‘It has a great deal to offer whether you are searching for adventure, culture or peace and quiet.’
    • ‘The defeat owes a great deal to the Labour loyalties of the leader.’
    • ‘They are rarely in control of all that goes on in front of and behind the camera and thus have to leave a great deal to fate.’
    • ‘We want to teach patients they have a role too - they can do a great deal to make themselves safe.’
    • ‘While some things have become clearer, a great deal else has become far more confusing.’
    • ‘He could talk the ears off a donkey, and he has a great deal to say.’
    • ‘There is a great deal at stake for American higher education and academic freedom.’
    a lot, a great amount, a large amount, a fair amount, much, plenty
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    1. 1.1To a considerable extent.
      ‘I love the game a great deal’
      • ‘she had gotten to know him a good deal better’
      • ‘The second reason seems to be a good deal more plausible than the first.’
      • ‘The autism appeal may have achieved a great deal, but there is still a great deal more that needs to be done.’
      • ‘This book is a good deal better than most, and a good deal easier to read.’
      • ‘In that time, I have become a good deal less sure of myself, a good deal more humble.’
      • ‘Frequent audits of teachers have rendered them a great deal more serious about what they do.’
      • ‘I think this new funding will help a great deal with mental health across Scotland.’
      • ‘The experience depressed and scared him a great deal so it wouldn't really surprise me.’