Definition of a head start in English:

a head start


  • An advantage granted or gained at the beginning of something.

    ‘our fine traditions give us a head start on the competition’
    • ‘If you were fleeing tyranny, you would bring everything that could possibly give you a head start in the new society.’
    • ‘And I got into the office early this morning so as to get a head start.’
    • ‘Given the amount of travel I have coming up, I don't need a head start on getting sick.’
    • ‘Their earnings will enable them to maintain accommodation and so on on the outside, and give them a head start when they leave prison.’
    • ‘Greater support for boosting the skills of workers is another way in which businesses can get a head start over their competitors.’
    • ‘Obviously it will fade as your skin sheds dead layers over a week or so, so give yourself a head start by applying the products on younger cells.’
    • ‘It will give you a head start on those guests who take a leisurely breakfast and arrive mid morning.’
    • ‘Left wing politicos would do well to start campaigning at the local level now and get a head start on their opponents.’
    • ‘Granted, with the roll call of the most illustrious pieces of golf real estate on their books they've already got a bit of a head start.’
    • ‘The shoots will be well away as soon as they are under the ground, giving the plant a head start and guaranteeing lots of delicious spuds.’
    an advantage, a commanding position, an edge, the edge, the whip hand, a lead, a head start, ascendancy, superiority, supremacy, sway, control, predominance, power, mastery, dominance, command