Definition of à la Française in English:

à la Française

(also à la Francaise)


  • 1Designating various things that are French in style, manner, or origin.

  • 2historical Designating a style of dining consisting of a number of courses, each having several dishes which are all displayed on the table at the same time. Frequently opposed to à la Russe .


  • 1With reference to style, conduct, method, etc.: in the French manner.

  • 2In the French manner of dining or serving, in which all of the dishes belonging to each course are displayed on the table at the same time. Compare à la Russe Now historical.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in George Puttenham (1529–?1591), writer and literary critic. From Middle French, French à la française, †à la françoise, lit. ‘in the French style’ from à la + française, †françoise, use as noun of feminine of français, †françois French.


à la Française

/ˌa la ˈfrɒnseɪz/ /ˌa lə ˈfrɒnseɪz/ /ˌɑː lɑː ˈfrɒnseɪz/