Definition of à la Russe in English:

à la Russe

(also a la Russe)


  • 1As postpositive. Designating any of various things that are Russian in style, manner, or origin.

  • 2historical Designating a style of dining in which the table is dressed with flowers and dessert, and the other courses are served in succession from another table or room. Chiefly as postpositive.


  • 1In the Russian manner.

  • 2In the Russian manner of service in which each course is served in succession.


Late 18th century. From French à la russe, lit. ‘(in the) Russian style’ from à la + russe, use as noun of the feminine of russ Russian.


à la Russe

/ˌa la ˈruːs/ /ˌa lə ˈruːs/ /ˌɑː lɑː ˈruːs/