Definition of a likely story in English:

a likely story


  • Used to express disbelief of an account or excuse.

    ‘Gone running, has he? A likely story!’
    • ‘The Timaeus, however, presents itself not as serious cosmology but merely as a likely story, an example of the kind of account that Plato thinks is the right one to give; it is poetic and grandiose in style.’
    • ‘Craccum: rehashing news from the Dominion Post on the legal action, and ignoring a likely story about why the University of Auckland was the best in the country - research wise at least.’
    • ‘The gentleman told me his name was ‘John’, a likely story, I thought to myself and that it was his ‘sixth day at the gym’.’
    • ‘We knew your Government was seeking overseas bases, so we cooked up a likely story.’
    • ‘One of the characteristics of a reasonable explanation is that it be a likely story.’
    unlikely, implausible, unbelievable, incredible, untenable, unacceptable, inconceivable