Definition of a matter of form in English:

a matter of form


  • A point of correct procedure.

    ‘they must as a matter of proper form check to see that there is no tax liability’
    • ‘Up to now I always took such statements as being a matter of form, something that judges say as a way of consoling those who didn't win.’
    • ‘If he is a just man who protects the poor he will be popular and will not need an electoral mandate, except as a matter of form.’
    • ‘Your Honour, the only other matter is that, as a matter of form, I submit, the condition should be against the Commonwealth, rather than the Attorney.’
    • ‘This is not a matter of form but impinges on a fundamental principle of separation of powers and detracts from any necessary guarantee against the possibility of abuse.’
    • ‘It is not the appreciation, but the abuse of liberty, to withdraw altogether from the polls, or to visit them merely as a matter of form, without carefully investigating the merits of the candidates.’
    • ‘But, as a matter of form, they had to produce one.’
    • ‘First, the highly-detailed acreage and storage estimates were released as a matter of form.’
    • ‘The lessee would have a reasonable expectation that the consent is really only a matter of form by that stage.’
    • ‘In my judgment, it cannot be said that, as a matter of form, the Council have created a fetter upon their discretion.’
    • ‘As a matter of form, identical rent review provisions are contained in the underlease as in the lease.’