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a matter of opinion

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  • Something not capable of being proven either way.

    ‘relativism tends to regard different beliefs as just a matter of opinion’
    • ‘That's a matter of opinion, no matter how outrageous.’
    • ‘Claim 3 might be dismissed as a matter of opinion, not a matter of knowledge.’
    • ‘The extent of flooding is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of fact.’
    • ‘Just who is to blame is a matter of opinion, but if your main interest is in your standard of living, the cost and quality of your children's education and continuing health care in a public system, then your choice should be simple.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It is not a matter of opinion, there is data which clearly shows that weather patterns are changing.’’
    • ‘Yet the existence of cultural diversity did not lead them to view their own preference for monogamous marriages as a matter of opinion or local cultural taste.’
    • ‘It's all a matter of opinion and we do need hard evidence that what's being done is wrong before taking any action.’
    • ‘That was always going to be subjective, a matter of opinion.’
    • ‘That editorial articles exist in support of it is not a matter of opinion, but of fact.’
    • ‘An interpretation is a matter of opinion; it is not a matter of fact.’
    open to question, a debatable point, debatable, open to debate, a moot point, open for discussion, open to discussion, up to the individual
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