Definition of a pox on in English:

a pox on


  • Used to express anger or intense irritation with someone or something.

    ‘a pox on both their houses!’
    • ‘Procrastination is a pox on almost every artist I know, and while we keep the beast at bay by being parents and having the limits of childcare imposed on our time, the temptation to look away from creative work is great.’
    • ‘And a pox on him, for reminding me of the damn song.’
    • ‘It's understandable if your response to this breathless battle between corporate giants is to pray for a pox on both their houses.’
    • ‘A pox on him for showing up and ruining my dinner.’
    • ‘A pox on the naysayers who think network television is incapable of producing original, intelligent, adult drama.’