Definition of a race against time in English:

a race against time

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  • A situation in which something must be done before a particular point in time.

    ‘it was a race against time to reach shore before the dinghy sank’
    • ‘Insects have developed wings to help them find a mate and for mayflies the race to reproduce becomes a race against time.’
    • ‘Every year, after the snow melts in the mountainous regions on the border, there is a race against time to see which nation takes charge of the heights near the border.’
    • ‘For the students it has been a race against time.’
    • ‘At that time, she faced a race against time to find a bone marrow donor who matched her rare blood type, after being diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia.’
    • ‘It's a harsh countryside by anyone's standards, and for some eight million people estimated to be at risk from drought and famine in the region, it is now a race against time.’
    • ‘He begins a race against time to find the real killer - fighting his way through a tangle of lies and deceit to uncover an act of evil which has destroyed the life of more than one young person.’
    • ‘Two young sisters with the same rare genetic illness are in a race against time after a huge fundraising effort paved the way for them to take part in a medical trial that could cure them.’
    • ‘It is facing a race against time, though, to secure the legislation early enough to allow local authorities to prepare for the June 10 elections.’
    • ‘Now, they're in a race against time to keep all these people alive.’
    • ‘However, firefighters are facing a race against time with forecasters predicting that high temperatures and strong winds would return today.’