Definition of a raw deal in English:

a raw deal


  • A situation in which someone receives unfair or harsh treatment.

    ‘pensioners have had a raw deal’
    • ‘Women academics continue to get a raw deal.’
    • ‘She warns that even if the December text is agreed to, it still offers a raw deal to developing countries, and would result in a ‘host of legal and bureaucratic red tape’.’
    • ‘Counsel for the Member of Parliament yesterday attempted to guillotine the judgement passed on the appellant suggesting that his client had been given a raw deal.’
    • ‘Finally, anyone who feels they received a very raw deal by being sold the endowment in the first place may be able to claim compensation.’
    • ‘Gloucestershire education chiefs say they have been given another raw deal following the government's latest round of education funding.’
    • ‘Are we getting a rough deal from our energy providers?’
    • ‘There are a variety of reasons why these farmers and growers feel they are being given a rough deal.’