Definition of a rough ride in English:

a rough ride

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  • A difficult time doing something.

    ‘rebel shareholders are expected to give officials a rough ride’
    • ‘he has been given a rough ride by the fans’
    • ‘Two different approaches from two very different managers, but it was easy to see why both have had a rough ride in their new jobs.’
    • ‘It was a rough ride, a tough time for all the contestants but we were having a ball on the boat and I wanted to finish off what I started.’
    • ‘It seemed to be only those supporting some form of change in the law who were given a rough ride.’
    • ‘After a rough ride at the start, Crombie's open manner and on-time delivery of the change agenda appears to be winning around the institutions key to selling the prospectus.’
    • ‘But once again, Maisy and Ruby were in for a rough ride when Maisy caught an infection and Julie had to undergo an emergency caesarean at just 31 weeks.’
    • ‘Later today, the Bill was facing a rough ride in the Lords as ministers try to force the measures through before March 14, when the old provisions run out.’
    • ‘Jeering nurses yesterday gave Health Minister John Denham a rough ride over some of Labour's most controversial health policies.’
    • ‘All airlines had a rough ride in 2001, but US Airways arguably had the roughest.’
    • ‘Flat jockeys have an easier ride of it than their jump colleagues but it is still a demanding lifestyle.’
    • ‘No-one gets an easy ride, no-one receives hero status, and when they get the right ingredients the formula fizzes.’