Definition of a second thought in English:

a second thought


  • with negative More than the slightest consideration.

    ‘not one of them gave a second thought to the risks involved’
    • ‘I would hope that when the council cabinet meets to consider this, they turn it down without a second thought.’
    • ‘Without a second thought, you'd probably compress the file and send it off.’
    • ‘My sister was left without this money, the weekend before Christmas, without a second thought.’
    • ‘They commented again on her potential, but waved her off without a second thought.’
    • ‘She stayed for about an hour then left without saying goodbye to us but I assumed it was because we were so busy and never gave it a second thought.’
    • ‘Thousands of us travel over the River Kent every day without giving a second thought to the bridges beneath our feet and car wheels.’
    • ‘I bet none of the stuffed shirts inside give him a second thought.’
    • ‘My son was quite ill and, as I don't drive, I called Mick and he took us to my doctors in Ashford without a second thought.’
    • ‘I didn't give it a second thought until this evening, when I cast off my suit and resumed my barefoot existence.’
    • ‘There are many others who continue to commit crimes without a second thought.’