Definition of a sinking feeling in English:

a sinking feeling


(also that sinking feeling)
  • An unpleasant feeling caused by the realization that something bad has happened or is about to happen.

    ‘even to name the sum brought a sinking feeling to her stomach’
    • ‘She took a step toward Glenn, and with a sinking feeling, I realized she was abandoning me.’
    • ‘With a sinking feeling, Rue realized Claire had locked the door and it hadn't been her imagination when she heard the click.’
    • ‘With a sinking feeling, I realized that Angel had not yet told Wesley what Cordelia and I had just revealed.’
    • ‘Suna realized, with a sinking feeling, what the king was talking about.’
    • ‘It was impossible but I have got that sinking feeling inside me that I could have done something.’
    • ‘Not that I really have homework per se, but there's that sinking feeling of not accomplishing all I wanted to do with my time off, and looking ahead to another week just as busy as the last.’
    • ‘Those clubs that suffer that sinking feeling will probably find it twice as difficult to bounce back, since rumours from the working party on restructuring the leagues are hinting at a ten-team Premiership One.’
    • ‘While many York residents got that sinking feeling again over the weekend, one restaurant owner's ingenious flood protection plan has saved him thousands of pounds.’
    • ‘It's that sinking feeling when you discover the very expensive typo.’
    • ‘When I wake up in the morning I get that sinking feeling, you know?’