Definition of a small fortune in English:

a small fortune


  • A large amount of money.

    • ‘that dusty old painting on the wall could be worth a small fortune’
    • ‘The fishing rights must now be worth a small fortune.’
    • ‘The sum is worth a small fortune in India, where it could feed and clothe a family for life.’
    • ‘And if that volume is still around it will be worth a small fortune.’
    • ‘When you mix men with guns and minerals worth a small fortune, inevitably smuggling, violence and general disorder result.’
    • ‘Father had been fond of giving gifts, and Margaret knew it to be worth a small fortune, should she need it.’
    • ‘Should it happen that said uncle's middle initial was B, the information could be worth a small fortune.’
    • ‘The chances are that it was in a gallery, produced by an art school graduate, and that it was worth a small fortune in the lucrative art market.’
    • ‘The evening must have cost a small fortune, judging by the amounts of food and entertainment and the notable size of the government entourage.’
    • ‘Over the months the pile of money in my account builds up and soon I have a small fortune.’
    • ‘Only she turned out to be working for this money lender, who reckons I owe him a small fortune in interest now.’
    a huge amount, a small fortune, a king's ransom, a vast sum, a large sum of money, a lot, millions, billions