Definition of a strong stomach in English:

a strong stomach

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  • An ability to see or do unpleasant things without feeling sick or squeamish.

    ‘be warned, you'll need a strong stomach’
    • ‘Her room was painted dingy brown that could make even a strong stomach sick.’
    • ‘You'll need a strong stomach to read about her experience of childbirth on page 6, but it's powerful stuff and if the magazine's honorary girl can handle it, so can you.’
    • ‘But for the benefit of those of us lacking such a strong stomach, the recipes in her book, Ant Egg Soup, make use of more familiar foods such as aubergine, dill and mint, also grown in abundance in Laos.’
    • ‘Incidentally, if you have a strong stomach, this New Yorker article provides more details about the offenses and the investigation.’
    • ‘You can read the rest if you have a strong stomach.’
    • ‘Brian appears to have a strong stomach, a good sense of humor, and other attributes that serve him well in observing the moonbats on parade.’
    • ‘It takes a strong stomach to press forward through the half page dedicated to the description of a skuzzy university toilet.’
    • ‘The book is harsh, not self-pitying, but it definitely requires a strong stomach.’
    • ‘Perhaps they are, but one would need to have quite a strong stomach to sleep with two men at the same time with the prospect of getting pregnant by either.’
    • ‘I saw the footage on LBC, and it took a strong stomach to watch the wounded carried away.’