Definition of a tall order in English:

a tall order

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  • An unreasonable or difficult demand.

    ‘they thought that the deadline was a tall order’
    • ‘It's a bit of a tall order to offer a fully formed alternative view of the world, but we can at least throw up some positive ideas for discussion.’
    • ‘It's a tall order, but one of the most straightforward and effective ways to achieve that goal is through education.’
    • ‘Making a decent sequel was always going to be a tall order.’
    • ‘While you may be able to manage for three to six months without a specific employee, one or two years is invariably a tall order.’
    • ‘It needs a 4% per month hike in freight traffic to start making money and that's a tall order.’
    • ‘It's a tall order, but no one could accuse Williams of not trying.’
    • ‘The title sounds like a tall order, particularly coming from someone who has never made a country album.’
    • ‘Making the step-up to inter-county football after an absence of two years is a tall order.’
    • ‘Flowing football was always going to be a tall order on a heavy Home Park pitch that was still being sanded right up to kick-off.’
    • ‘Keeping on top of the washing-up without a dishwasher is a tall order, says manager Sue Hargreaves.’
    demanding, exacting, difficult, unreasonable, exorbitant, impossible